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    Air Hostess

    Ever wanted to join the mile high club? Our sexy stewardesses will take good care of you as you fly high on pleasurable bliss.

These fit and fine ladies go the long way. They put on the complete air hostess russian escorts bangalore outfit so that you can have an authentic experience.

If you’ve ever been travelling and found yourself lusting over the busty, booty-ful air hostess that tucks you in and bends over to check your seatbelt, this fantasy role-play is for you.

If you have ever ordered more water than you’ve ever drank so that you can watch her as she comes and goes, and talks to you in her sweet voice, these air-hostesses can finally do more than just thank you for boarding with her, she will let you board her!


We understand that not all gratification and fantasies are openly discussed. While the outside world frowns upon some of these, we train our girls to offer these to you so that their mission of getting you off is accomplished. Which one tempts you?

Foot fetish

Did you know feet are often better at doing the same things that hands are? Feet are often softer, and have naturally curved shapes that can make you feel great. Sit back and have a soft girl with beautiful smooth young-looking feet work her magic on you.

If you have asked for a foot fetish, specify which colour you’d want her toenails to be. Our Hyderabad escorts girls get pampered well and enjoy a relaxing pedicure so that their feet are shiny and can please you well.

Get bright adventurous colours or classic nude shades. When the feet are pretty, the rest of the package is totally bangable too.


You might like to see one of these titillating models in a matching set or an extravagant lingerie set. If you’ve got a taste for being teased by hot red lace lingerie, you can try out this feature.

Our sensual girls look hot and provocative in these. We get our lingerie shipped in from the sexiest lingerie stores across the world, making this one of our many premium exclusive services.


Do you like to be talked down to? Do you want a dominatrix that will treat you like an annoying little pet that can’t get enough and can’t do anything right? These bossy independent women bangalore will tease you till you can’t take it, and then humiliate you for becoming a hot mess.

Their dirty talking skills are so hot that you will be left speechless.If you want, they will throw in a little slapping and push you down on your knees as they sit up high and mighty.

The royal lady might ask you to call her your queen and might make you kiss her feet as she grants your wishes. She might throw in a couple of slaps and spanks if you don’t listen. But you will probably just like that, won’t you?

Sex toys

We’ve got a range of sex toys for you and the girls to use. You can use the best vibrators and the fanciest equipment on her and make her beg for you to touch her. Tie her up and make her scream as you use these toys on her.

Or, make her use them on you as you explore a world of sensations you had never felt before. Trying out sex toys can be a liberating experience and ends in satisfaction, even if you are hesitant at first.

These girls are so sexy they will get you excited and forget all about the nervousness at once!

Playing around with sex toys with an experienced call girl Bangalore makes a combination that can never go wrong!

  • bangalore high profile escorts


    While most people derive pleasure from performing and receiving sexual acts, some of us get our jollies by watching other people get off.

If you like watching other people enjoy themselves, try out voyeurism. This fetish involves watching two people engage in sexual activity as you pleasure yourself.

You can hire the two most beautiful Escort girls in Bengaluru and command them what you want them to do to each other. Teach them your ways and let them obey as you watch for your own benefit.

Of course, we love a good mix-and-match. You can combine this fetish with a role-play and let one of the girls dominate the other.

This combination can get so hot that it’ll be hard to believe your eyes. It is what sweet dreams are made of, but for you, it can become reality.

Mutual masturbation

Another less-talked about fetish involves jerking each other off. One of our most alluring curvy girls can invite you for a session where you watch a hot video or talk dirty to each other. You then strip off your own clothes slowly for each other to enjoy and become needy.

You then pleasure yourselves to the sight of each other. She watches you get undressed and begins to touch herself. And you can watch her open her legs for you and indulge in pleasure and you touch yourself.

You can pleasure each other while doing this. One rule applies though! You can only use your hands!

Foreign girls Escorts Bangalore

Or do you want a taste of something that has come from abroad? Try out this Call Girls Service Bangalore that has invited girls from all over the world.

They’ve got sultry asians, and hardcore Russians, among other nationalities. This is part of our premium service that only a few clients qualify for.

The asians are sexy and submissive. They will listen to you and please you as you like. Their skin is smooth and silky and they have the softest hair that you can play with, or tug on if you want to.

The redhead russians have porcelain skin that melts as you touch it. Touching her and watching her please you, can be the most magnetising thing ever. They can teach you foreign tricks, or play them out on you. A foreign adventure is always fun, right?

You can learn a lot about doing the dirty from a foreign girl. Learn how to moan in foreign languages, or learn different wooing protocols that precede hooking up Bangalore. A foreign girl will teach you as much as she will please you.

  • bangalore high profile escorts

    College girls

    You might have watched videos online about college girls exploring each other.

These girls are wild, have very little boundaries, and are willing to get as dirty as you’d like. What if you could have that in real life?

Escorts service near me are also curious about themselves and want to explore their sexualities. You can mix in your own ideas with that.

They are young, free-spirited, and perky. If you’ve got fantasies where you are in bed with an innocent, hardworking nerdy student, these hot girls are actually playing those roles in real life.

They are not simply pretending, but they do truly have homework to get back to. If that innocence mixed with naughtiness turns you on, these eye-catching college girls Bangalore are exactly what you need.

Our packages

Do you want to hire by the hour or per night? Paying a call girl by the hour has the advantage that you can get full advantage of what you pay for. These encounters are short, simple, sweet and stunningly sexy.

There are certain added bonuses you might miss out on. You might not get to finish in her warm wet mouth, but you’ll definitely get all the rest. This works perfectly if you want to squeeze in a quickie before a meeting.

Another option is hiring by the night. With this, you get the freedom to do whatever you heart and your body desires.

Finish where you want, touch what you want, and ask for the darkest, scariest, craziest, most promiscuous and most controversial fantasies. You pay for the sexy beast for the entire night, which means you can take up to 3 shots with her.

You can break these up throughout the night and enjoy her pleasurable body at your convenience. Want a 30 minute break or a 2 hour break? You got it. You don’t have to pay for additional hours that way if you need time to recharge.

This is the ideal option for a bachelor party escorts service bangalore or if you’re in Bangalore for touristic reasons. These girls can then show you around the city and explore it with you. If you ask for the girlfriend experience, you don’t have to discover the city alone. You can discover her, and you can discover with her!

These are a few features of the most basic packages we offer. Our premium independent escorts services bangalore are a lot more customisable because we believe each sexual encounter has its own magic and has different requirements. Why be bound by anything except her handcuffs, right?

  • bangalore high profile escorts

    What to expect

    With our Bangalore Independent Escorts, you can expect the best escort service nation-wide.

Who is an escort?

We hire professional women who come from a range of different cultures and are discreet about their work. They undergo thorough training to be able to please you and have enough experience to do it well.

Our escorts expect that you treat them with respect before and after the escorts service in bangalore. They are respectable ladies that are the best in their profession and as long as you show them that you respect that, they will bend themselves in the craziest ways to please you.

Judge-free service

No matter what your fantasies are, what your intimate or personal habits or interests are, our service guarantees open-mindedness. We never judge our clients, for we recognise that true pleasure comes from an unhesitant approach to fooling around.

You can ask for whatever you wish. You can come back as many times as you want. We know our bangalore independent escorts girls are so sexy that it’s hard to stay away once you’ve had a taste. Try out different things at different times, or try them all at once, you’re free to choose what you get in bed.

Don’t fret! If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t know what they want in bed, we got you! Our ladies will help you explore your options. Feel free to try out different things to see what works for you and what doesn’t. You can back away at any point of time!

Our policies

We do not allow video cameras, voice recorders, or recording equipment of any kind to be used alongside our services. We protect the privacy of these Bangalore Escort girls and assign them an escort name that is sexy. You will have no problem moaning her name as she bends over for you.

To ensure their anonymity, we ask that you do not recommend a particular call girl to any of your friends. It is against our policy to offer our ladies’ services on the basis of recommendations. For this reason, all their names are renewed each day.

But don’t worry! If you had fun once, you will definitely ravish another one with equal passion. Our girls are all equally sexy and eye-popping. They all have their unique qualities and it will definitely be fun and exciting for you to discover a new item each time you approach us for escort service.

Each client and call girl Bangalore is assigned a safe word. When this word is used by either party, sexual activity is halted in the interest of the party that called it. This is to ensure that the girls and the clients both have a safe and comfortable experience in bed.